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everyone deserves to truelly be happy.

i spent the night at monica's last night. it was fun. we made these signs that said "will work for gurdles" "will work for shelter" (even though we were standing right outside her and "honk if you love jesus". only 3 people honked out of like 30. but it was night time..... but i was pointing a flashlight at the sign so they could see!! omg my brother is doing this really weird voice and im cracking up! AnYwAy... yesterday was prolly my last time that i'll get to see caitlin malley for a long time. she is moving to california! she left at 10:30 this morning so i didn't get to even say bye or anything.... =/ hm. well i went shopping yesterday. i got 5 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, and 6 pairs of undies. LOL. i still have to go again to get me some shoes and maybe somethin else. i can't wait for high school. it's gunna be so much funnn! my swim team end of the season party is on tuesday and so is orientation. i'll prolly only get to go to the party for an hour or something =/ im not gunna get to see my YMCA swim team buds for a whole season!! awwe. *tear* brandon murphy is moving to kalamazoo the 25th... he took me -n- taitum out to eat last wednesday at hacienda. it was sooo much fun. he is one of the funniest people i know. he even showed us his bootylicious dance!! that was the first night that i had been happy since the break up.. and it felt so great. to be able to laugh until it hurt. im seriously going to miss him so much. i've known him since i was a toddler!! the next day that i was actually seriously happy was yesterday. when i went shopping :D but now i can be happy on my own..pretty much. tomorrow im going to the fair. that'll be fun.. if we make it fun. oh yeah, i was talking to ben hansen the other day online... he is a hottie. i wish he went to our school so i could start hanging out with him and stuff but its kinda hard when he goes to a christian school in a city 20 minutes away. oh well. i might start writing in these daily like i use to if i can remember! tomorrow is my first day of high school swim team... i hope that it's not TOO hard! ok, im out.
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