yeah. its tonia. not toneeuh. (newattitude4u) wrote,
yeah. its tonia. not toneeuh.

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im a cherry.

why do i push david away from me without even thinking about it? its like i don't want him to hold me, when i do. i dunno. he got mad about it today when we went swimming at taitum's papa's. he asked me why i was doing it and all i could say was "i dunno..." because i honestly don't know. i mean we've been together for a month now and i still do this for no reason. sometimes i think its funny.. and sometimes i do it without even thinking twice about it. my face is so burnt. im gaining my tan back though- yay! i need to go school shopping soon. my mom is pissing me off so bad about not being able to go to david's house. im in highschool now and she still doesn't trust me. but she says that it isn't about trust. then what is it about?
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