yeah. its tonia. not toneeuh. (newattitude4u) wrote,
yeah. its tonia. not toneeuh.

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is it a bad thing if im really happy for a couple days and then it all of a sudden goes back to being sad... for almost no reason at all? i just want someone to be here for me and like me the way that i like them. am i really too grown up for my age? am i wanting too serious of a relationship? i think that i am. i want to be able to have a crazy, fun relationship but all i can think about it the commitment and being liked by someone so much and how perfect i want it to be. why can't i just let all of that go and be happy? i really want to. if i wanted it badly enough, wouldn't you think i would be able to do it? maybe its not what i want. maybe i just think it's what i want. i just want to be a kid. i hate wanting something that isn't there.
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