yeah. its tonia. not toneeuh. (newattitude4u) wrote,
yeah. its tonia. not toneeuh.

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well.. someone kept calling and wouldn't leave a message on callwave so i got offline to see if they would call again. it was david. we prolly talked for a half hour or so. i dunno, it was a normal conversation i guess. he's tried to get with 2 girls since we broke up i guess or something like that. who knows. i have a feeling he knows that it makes me jealous even though i don't show it. he has 1st lunch both days. my teachers never told me what lunch period i have so i have to find out tomorrow!!! i hope i get 1st both times cuz ALL of my friends have that. nicole, monica, ashley, taitum. i'd be all alone if i had 2nd. well, im gunna go now. night!
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