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whoa baby!

omgoodness. its been like... forever and a half! its getting closer and closer to christmas, everyone is so happy and stuff :D i love it. i want to show everyone pics from my swim team banquet and sleep over but im not exactly sure how to put pictures on here. so we'll work on that. oh i think my last entry was crazy and i think i was still with david then. but im not sure. i haven't even looked on here in so long. but that ended ages ago. well... ok. maybe months. but still. i <3 matt now. he's this guy that i met online and we're talking about meeting but its not a for sure thing, you know? so why get your hopes up if you will only be let down in the end? even though they are like already up past my head... haha. i'll be sure to write in here if it happens. but anyway, if it ever does then it will be sometime after christmas. im just scared he won't like me after we meet and things will go POOF. ya know? i just hope it makes everything that much better. why does he have to go to school in missouri when he lives only 2 hours away? grr... haha. well he left for thanksgiving today but we got to talk for a long time so it was cool. im leaving tomorrow at 6am and im not coming back until sunday. oh yeah, YMCA swim team starts monday! going to my grandparents is so boring. all im going to do is eat..sleep...listen to homework..and write. its all i can do. we aren't allowed to go anywhere cuz my mom wants to visit. lol. i mean i understand but i think that 4 days is a little much. me and craig might come back on sunday if the rodes are good. well i think im gonna end this one. but if any of you know how to put pictures in here just post a comment and let me know ;x i hope that i don't forget to write in here by the time i get back on sunday. haha. it will probably happen though. have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!! i love you all.
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