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don't forget me now.

saturday was tyler's party. it was pretty fun. if nicole woulda gone then i woulda been hyper and it would have been more fun but she had a softball game at 8 and it didn't actually start until 9... so it got over at 11 :( i went to see "eight legged freak" last night with josh, nicole, ashley, david, taitum, and cory. the movie was kinda weird and pretty stupid... but i was so freaking scared of those spiders!! whoa. good thing they were giant so i knew they were fake cuz i use to have a phobia of them. [shudders] david is goin to... um. i forget the city but he is goin for like 2-3 days to watch his nephew in a tournament and last night we were talkin on the phone and i was tired so i was like "i think im gunna go now." and he's like "why?" n i said "i dunno." n he said "well im not gunna get to talk to you for a couple days so i want to talk to you now." so im like.. "ok." lol. he just pisses me off sometimes but then sometimes i like him so much. i mean everyone has to work through their bad times in a relationship and we haven't gotten in a fight in a long long time. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! i forgot to tell all of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. guess who i saw on saturday at my swim meet in sturgis?? KIM!! my big sister kim. ok well not really my sister by blood. but she has been like a sister to me since i was 6 and then she went to college 2 years ago and at first we were contacting each other non-stop and then she kind of stopped e-mailing me and stopped trying to get ahold of me and we basically haven't talked or seen each other in almost a year and a half probably... and when we saw each other we both just stopped in our tracks and looked at each other before leaping to give hugs and say "omg i can't believe it's you.." and blah blah blah. lol. i still can't believe i saw her. and she is going to be at conference on saturday. she looks the exact same. she even had the exact same suit and towel that she always use to wear... it was so weird. ah. i was about to cry. good thing i didn't. [sigh] i dunno. i went through and read all of the letters and notes that i've kept from her since i was really little. the little notes that said "good luck tonia! kick some butt! im sooo proud of you little sister :) love, kim furst." and the postcards from when she went to florida... and just.. everything. i got the goosebumps from reading them and im starting to get em again! geez. well i didn't think that anything really happened since i wrote in here when i first started out but i guess i was wrong cuz this entry is long. i don't think i know how to write a short entry because i just ramble on forever about absolutely nothing... kinda like what im doing now. oh yeah. i had a long conversation with josh duis online last night. reminded me of old times. we talked about last summer and how we kinda split apart during the year and now we're starting to be good friends again. n now that we're gunna be in the same school next year, things will get so much better. i love him so much. i could talk to him forever about everything and it's so awesome. he likes nicole and nicole is just confused about boys right now so i dunno. i think that they need to hook up cuz they would be SOO cute together... but its up to her. ok.. NOW im gunna go. loving you always.
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